Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2008

Dunnings Creek Friends Meeting remains a faithful group of individuals who gain strength in their unity while struggling at times to maintain a harmony within the group dynamic.

On first glance we are a rather homogenous lot, primarily older with our children grown. But we still have difficulties at times tempering our individual ideas, personalities and opinions to better work together without feeling like we are sacrificing ourselves in the process. However trying (and mostly succeeding) to present a unified front gives us a chance to grow both as individuals and as Quakers who are all striving for similar goals within our lives and the Meeting.

There are ebbs and flows in the spiritual state of the meeting, just as there are in the minds of the individuals, but we do try to provide a supportive, Quakerly atmosphere in which to work through such difficulties. We celebrate our differences every First Day by encouraging volunteers to lead the discussion with a topic that is important to them. Our varied experiences and viewpoints make for very interesting, enlightening and educational discussions that bring us to a greater understanding of our peers and the world.

Recently we began the reunification process with Fishertown Friends, and that has been a challenge and growing experience for us. We are doing this without the guidance of our meeting’s patriarch, Bob Miller, whose illness has taken him and his wife, Bette Lu, from our physical presence. However, we do gather strength from their spirituality and positive outlook and are thankful for the love we have for and receive from them.

We struggle to find new members. We have discussed methods of bringing in more members but to no real end. To the delight of the meeting, we do have a mother whose little daughter reminds us all of the joy we had as young parents, and we are glad to have a child in our midst.

Our members are also willing to step forward to offer to the meeting their specific talents to keep things running smoothly. The dedication and compassion of our co-clerks help to hold us all together. One member leads a first day school for any children who happen to show up. The cemetery upkeep and physical condition of the meeting house are addressed by volunteers, and we have had several de-clutter movements throughout the past year.

We are also mourning the passing of Mabel McCoy, the wife of Harold McCoy, whose sunny smile and warm heart will be missed. Friends have been faithful in visiting other Friends who are no longer able to attend regularly due to health issues.

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